QPs & NOSs

Occupational standards describe what individuals need to do, know and understand in order to carry out a particular job role or function. They are performance standards that individuals must achieve when carrying out functions in the workplace, together with specifications of the underpinning knowledge and understanding. Click on the job roles below to view the QPs and NOS for each one (.pdf file format):

  • SCMS- Classification of Technical-Non-Technical Job roles
S. No. Name Of QPs QP Code
1 Mine Driller (Exploration) MIN/Q0101
2 Mazdoor/Helper MIN/Q0201
3 Rig Mounted Drill Operator MIN/Q0202
4 Wire Saw Operator MIN/Q0203
5 Persons Handling Explosives MIN/Q0204
6 Bulldozer Operator MIN/Q0205
7 Driver Special Vehicle MIN/Q0207
8 Loader Operator MIN/Q0208
9 Surface Miner Operator MIN/Q0210
10 Assistant Support-Open Cast Mines MIN/Q0211
11 Jack Hammer Operator MIN/Q0212
12 Assistant Support Underground Mines MIN/Q0213
13 Mechanic / Fitter MIN/Q0304
14 Dumper / Tipper Operator MIN/Q0403
15 Dewatering Pump Operator MIN/Q0411
16 Gas Detector MIN/Q0412
17 Haulage Operator MIN/Q0413
18 Banksman MIN/Q0414
19 Compressor Operator MIN/Q0415
20 Mine-Electrician MIN/Q0416
21 Roof Bolter MIN/Q0417
22 Sampler MIN/Q0418
23 Timberman MIN/Q0419
24 Winding Engine Operator MIN/Q0420
25 Ventilation adequacy checker/fan operator MIN/Q0421
26 SDL & LHD Operator MIN/Q0422
27 Mine Welder MIN/Q0423
28 Mine Machinist MIN/Q0424
29 Assistant Mine Surveyor MIN/Q0426
30 Mining Mate MIN/Q0427
31 Shot Firer/Blaster MIN/Q0428
32 Grader Operator MIN/Q0430
33 Track Layer Operator MIN/Q0431
34 Jumbo Operator MIN/Q0432
35 HEMM Mechanic MIN/Q0433
36 Ore Processing Operator MIN/Q0434
37 Strata Monitoring Operator MIN/Q0435
38 Reclamation Supervisor MIN/Q0436
39 Mechatronics In-Charge MIN/Q0438
40 Fireman MIN/Q0439
41 Longwall Operator MIN/Q0440
List of Borrowed QPs
1 Backhoe Loader Operator MIN/IES/Q0101
2 Excavator Operator MIN/IES/Q0103
2 Data Entry Operator MIN/SSC/Q2212
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