Training Infrastructure

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Training Delivery

SCMS Progress so far

SCMS has trained and certified a large number of candidates across 16 state and over 140 locations in the last financial year both under Industrial sponsored training’s and PMKVY programmes.

SCMS is working closely with the industry to train fresh manpower for in-demand job roles. These training’s include soft skills training’s, theory and extensive on the job training on the equipment to make them job ready on day one.

Training Type

Short Term Training

Common Job role which are in demand from mining industry

Long Term Training

  • Critical Job roles in demand
  • Jumbo drill Operator
  • Winding Engine Operator
  • Assistant Mine Surveyor

Recognition of Prior Learning with & without Bridge Course

  • Orientation of existing workers with latest technology / Health & Safety in relevant job role
  • Training of existing workers for up skill / certification

National Apprenticeship Scheme - NAPS

  • Candidates trained under PMKVY to take apprenticeship in industrial units, leading to a better career pathway